Church of England Diocese of Oxford Holy Trinity, Windsor

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


If you would like your child (or yourself) to be baptised then please ask for a form the next time you’re in church or go to the clergy surgery between 9:30am and 11am on a Saturday morning at Clewer St Stephen Church in Vansittart Road to speak with one of the Team clergy - Revd Ainsley Swift (Rector), Revd Margaret Bird or Revd John Quick .   If you are in the army and want your padre to baptise please contact him (the parish team and padres work alongside other so it is entirely your choice whether your padre or one of the parish clergy baptise your child).  There is no charge for baptisms (although we’re always grateful for any contributions left in the plate on the way out!). You do not have to be baptised in the parish in which you live, although if you/your child is baptised outside your parish the priest will let your vicar know.



If you live in a parish, or have a “qualifying connection” to the church in which you wish to be married, you can be considered for marriage there. If you would like to marry in Holy Trinity please come to the Clergy Surgery on a Saturday morning at Clewer St Stephen Church or if you are in the army speak to your padre.  Marriage is the decision of the priest so cannot just be booked by calling the church office.    Please bring your passports with you.

You can be married in Holy Trinty church if you or your fiancé(e);-

·         live or have lived within the Windsor Team boundaries for at least six months

·         were baptised or prepared for confirmation at one of the team churches


·         your parents or grandparents were married in one of the Team churches

·         your parents have lived within the Team Boundaries for at least six months since you were born.

·         you or your parent(s) have worshipped in one of the Team churches for at least 6 months

If you do not qualify under any of the above then you may choose to attend any one of the Team churches regularly on a Sunday (at least twice a month) for a period of at least six months before your banns are called  i.e. at least 8 months before you are married.     Please attend church for 3 months before you come and see us about your wedding.    We can help you to show that you have been meeting these criteria by obtaining a signed copy of our pew leaflet each time you attend.

If one of you is not a British or EEA citizen then you may be required to obtain a Superintendant Registrars Certificate but you will alsol have to show that you qualify to be married in one of the Team churches. 

There is a helpful website for couples who wish to marry in church   



Your loved one is entitled to a funeral in the parish in which they have lived regardless of whether he/she was a churchgoer. Usually the funeral director will contact the priest, who will then spend time with you prior to the service, and offer you their support and that of the parish afterwards.