Church of England Diocese of Oxford Woodley, St. John the Evangelist

Sunday 1st November: Micah's Message: Sorrow

We are beginning a new series today in the Old Testament book of Micah. The prophet Micah spoke God's word faithfully to the people of Judah over a period which saw the reign of four different kings. The book is therefore composed of different sermons as he speaks into different settings and to the different responses of the people to God. Yet his overarching message to them and to us is the same: we please God by loving mercy, acting justly and walking humbly with him (6:8). Our God is a God of mercy, yet he hates injustice and the oppression of the weak and powerless and we are to be like him. We will look at each of his messages in turn.

Today, his first message is a message of sorrow. Micah mourns the injustice and sin he sees in Judah. What is our response to sin and injustice in our world - and in our own lives?