Church of England Diocese of Oxford Woodley, St. John the Evangelist

Sunday 5th September - Oikonome: A Just Home for All People

As we start to leave summer behind us and move into September, it's the start of a new season for a lot of things. In the church, the next few weeks are known as the Season of Creation – or Creationtide – and form about 5 weeks where we shape our worship around giving thanks for all aspects of God's creation, and paying attention to the natural world with the aim of confessing our sin towards it, repenting or changing our behaviour, and actively working towards seeing healing and wholeness come about across the whole created order.

Oikonome: A Just Home for All People
This year's theme for Creationtide is "Renewing the Oikos of God", and Oikos is the Greek word for 'home'. This week, to kick it all off, we will be considering what this means, and reflecting on our Bible readings to see what God is saying to us about how we treat our home, who we share it with, and what that means for the future.