Church of England Diocese of Oxford Woodley, St. John the Evangelist

Sunday 26th September - Praying for Our Home Planet & Its People

This week in our series on "Renewing a Home for All" during Creationtide, we are focusing on prayer. Praying for our home, and all who live in it. Praying for healing from the dis-order and chaos that impacts the natural world. Lamenting and confessing our part in all of this.

The symbol this year for the Season of Creation is Abraham's Tent, which signifies a commitment to safeguard a place for all who share our common home, just as Abraham did in the book of Genesis. Churches celebrating this theme for Creationtide have been encouraged to use the image of Abraham's tent in some way, during worship, or as a sign of hospitality outside their buildings. So, we will have a tent in church as part of our worship this week. There will be extra space during the service to pray, and we would encourage you to write down these prayers in some form, and leave them in the tent as an act of worship – symbolizing before God and each other that our intention as a community is to create a home for all.