Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Peter, Broughton

Lent in the Loggerheads Benefice



Dear friends,

The Journey so far - The Journey within - The Journey to a better world - The Journey to wholeness - The Journey to spirituality - The journey to the future - Join the Journey.

Are you beginning to feel over-journeyed? If so, then please consider Prayer and Bible Study as opportunities to stop and check out the journey so far. Where have we come from and more importantly where we are going? The 2021 Lent programme is based upon TS Elliott's poem the Journey of the Magi (1927)

We are now in the second week of Lent and We have a Lent course via Zoom every Wednesday at 7.00pm. This programme will lead us to Passiontide and then Easter. Lent gives us one of the best opportunities in the year for spiritual examination and we can see our local situation in the light of the sacrificial love of Christ. We must use the season of Lent for prayer, Bible study and practical evangelism within our communities.

The programme is as follows –

WEEK 1 - Wednesday 24<sup>th </sup>February - A hard time we had of it

WEEK 2- Wednesday 3<sup>rd</sup> March - Three trees on the low sky

WEEK 3- Wednesday 10<sup>th</sup> March - This set down

WEEK 4- Wednesday 17<sup>th</sup> March - Another Death

WEEK 5- Wednesday 24<sup>th</sup> March – Resurrection

I hope that our Lenten observances will help us to work out our priorities not just in terms of prayer but also in terms of evangelism and service as lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted. I will not be the first Rector to say that we need a strong sense of renewed commitment on the part of everyone. This means reaching out in all kinds of ways to individuals, societies, nations, indeed, the whole world in order to share the Good News of God in Christ Jesus. Not easy in normal times let alone during a global pandemic.

Your friend and Parish Priest

Father David