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Children - Together At Home (07.03.2021)

Good Morning Everybody,

On this eve of the big return to school, I just wanted to tell you all what a great job you have done over the last 9 weeks. And whether you are facing tomorrow with overwhelming joy and elation, or with fear, reservation and trepidation (or indeed a bit of all of the above), you are a great parent (or carer).

Here is a prayer you may wish to pray for you child as the return to school tomorrow (you may wish to replace he/she for their name(s):

Dear Lord,

We give our child(ren) to you today and everyday. Father God, keep him/her and his/her schoolmates and all the school staff safe and protected. We ask that in every school day, you would use every person, every experience and every lesson to shape him/her into Your image. May he/she always know that there is nothing to fear and that you are beside them always. God, grow in his/her heart we pray.  Amen

Whilst Emily reminded me last night of this new song from the Drakes, and as we listened to it together, it felt so appropriate for the coming week: </span>

The following lines really stood out to me, and hope they do you too:  I am safe, I'm exactly where I'm meant to be” "Down came the rain, it came down, but my God won't let me drown.  As the floods, they come up, He will never let me down".  "I can see a rainbow, coming up over me, The colours I need to see, I know that God is with me"

Last week I told you about our 'Uniform Swap Shop' on Facebook. There are many items still available if you are having a last minute panic over uniform and school shoes, if your child/children has/have outgrown them since December. Or indeed if you have uniform in good condition with life still left in that your child has outgrown that you would like to offer for others. Take a look on the discussion tab on our Church Facebook page: </span>

I have attached this week's Home Grown Faith - Together at Home: Jesus clears the temple. A session focusing of standing up for things that are right. What things anger you that are unfair?

The passage in John 2 v. 13-22 can be read here:

Or watch the passage being read by children here: </span>

Our Zoom Sunday school session starts at 10.30am today. If you would like to join us, and it's not too late, do let me know so that I can send you the zoom invite details.

God bless you all, stay safe and may you all have a joyful week,

Hannah x

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