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Tom's Toddlers and Footprints

Tom's Toddlers and Footprints are usually, weekly mid-week groups that run on Wednesdays in term time for children and their grown-up(s) to come and stay, play, crawl, walk, chat, sing, support and share together and with other families. We have a whole host of toys, activities, sensory, books and a craft each week, which you and your child can explore in free-play time. With a time where we gather together for singing popular nursery rhymes and simple songs (usually with actions and a little sign language thrown in) and snack time too. We celebrate birthday's, achievements and key Christian events throughout the year, and we bid our leavers with a fond farewell and presentation book as they 'come of age' to move on. The Footprints group also gather for a short time of story - this is often hands on, interactive and lots of fun. Our sessions, each cost £2 per family, per session you attend.

Tom's Toddlers - 10-11.30am for newborns up until the term after they have turned 2 and a half.

Footprints - 1-2.30pm for 2 and a half year olds until they are in fulltime education (some come to us in the afternoon after being in nursery in the morning)

Our groups are very popular and busy, and have a genuinely 'lovely feel' to them, where parents often describe being warmly welcomed and loved by our dedicated and caring team. Families are often reluctant to leave, and many return with each of their subsequent children.

If you are not already known to us, and have a child, aged from newborn up until full-time school age, please do get in touch with us! Especially if you have had the lonely journey of having a baby in lockdown and have been unable to gather at any baby groups - which can be so helpful and supportive to many of our families. We would love to hear from you and get to know you, and welcome any queries too. Simply email Hannah on: [email protected], and we will do our best to support you, until we can meet in person.

In place of our usual, weekly stay and play pre-school sessions, our Children and Families Worker, Hannah Evans, has been busy working from home (and on location locally!) to create and share these videos for all of our local families. She also has some very busy little helpers, Emily (6) and Daniel (2) too to help her - when Daniel is in the mood that is!

The videos, a little like our usual sessions, include a singing time, wishing our children who are known to us, a happy birthday, an amazing story from the Bible each week, a craft or some related activities that you can do at home, and all finished with a prayer and blessing for each of you.

The videos (and much more besides) can all be found on our 'St Thomas, Aldridge', Church Facebook page at 

Whilst for those known to us, there is also a closed group, that you can ask to join (if you haven't already), called: 'Children and Families @ St Thomas', Aldridge This is where the nature of being a closed group, means that we can share photos and stories of the children in our groups more safely with one another, without being visible to everyone on the internet. Safeguarding our children and those who are vulnerable or at risk, is very important to us.  

Don't forget to share any pictures of any of the activities that you might do onto our facebook group or send via Email to Hannah if you prefer - the children would love to see what each other are doing, and so would we!


VIDEOS - here are the videos we have created so far, just click on the link if you would like to watch, or copy and paste it to your search engine ... 


15th July 2020 - Jesus heals the man with Leprosy (Mark 1 v. 40-45):

This week is another story about Jesus doing something totally amazing and seemingly impossible, when a man with leprosy is healed after meeting Jesus. Not only did Jesus heal the man, but he was willing to come alongside and touch the man when others wouldn't or couldn't. May you and your loved ones also know the power of God's healing for yourselves too, and that Jesus is always there by our side, even when others may not be able to be or choose not to.

We also wish our children with Summer birthdays very happy birthday: that's George, Rowan, Oscar, Leo, Emily, Jack, Isla, Franklin, Buddy, Thomas, Devon, Ethan and Lucie.


8th July 2020 - The man who was lowered through a roof (Luke 5: 17)

This is another story about Jesus doing something amazing and seemingly impossible, when a man who was paralysed and unable to walk, was brought to Jesus by his friends who were so desperate for the man to meet him that they lowered him through the roof! The man was healed by Jesus! He was not only able to walk, but he ran and jumped and praised God, telling everybody on his way, what Jesus had done for him. May you and your loved ones also know the power of God's healing for yourselves too.

We also wish Tobias (3), Abigail (4) and Zach (2) a Happy Birthday too.


1 July 2020 - Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14)

This is another story about Jesus doing something unexpected and how he was able to walk on the top of the water, without sinking below the surface. He also helped his friend Peter to do the same, and then to boot, was able to calm the wind and the waves. Pretty incredible hey!? May you all know the presence of Jesus beside each of you, when you feel you are sinking, or when things feel impossible too. We also wish Isobelle-Rose (2) a happy birthday too.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________              24th June 2020 - Jesus Feeds a crowd (Matthew 14)

This is another story about Jesus doing something unexpected and how he was able to feed a whole crowd of people with only a small boy's packed lunch. We pray that all of your needs are being met and in abundance too!

We also wish lots of children a happy birthday this week, including Isabelle, Rose, Isla, Luke, Alexander, Arthur and Henry.


17th June 2020 - Zacchaeus meets Jesus (Luke 19)

This is another story about Jesus doing something rather unexpected and how Zacchaeus becomes friends with Jesus, which changes his life forever. May you all allow jesus to change your lives for the better too, if you welcome him in. It is filmed in the Church garden, so it might help to make it feel a little more 'back to normal' too.

Also, we wish Ruby a Happy birthday as she turns 3.


10th June 2020 - Jesus helps Peter to Fish (Luke 5)

This story is of Jesus helping Peter to fish and Peter deciding to follow Jesus when he realises what amazing things Jesus can do. A story about a man who chose to listen to Jesus and Jesus far exceeded his expectations. May Jesus show each of you how he can exceed any of your expections too!

We also a wish happy birthday to Harry who turns 4 too.


3rd June 2020 - Noah and the Flood (Genesis chapter 6-9)

This is a story about another man who was a friend of God and listened to God, and did something that others thought he was crazy for doing, when God asked him to. A story that reminds us that God kept his promise to Noah, and that he keeps his promises to us too. We can be reminded of that every time we see a rainbow! (And there are certainly lots around at the moment!).

We also wish a happy birthday to Emily and Amelia (both 3) and to Hallie (2)


(27th May - Half Term)


20th May 2020 - David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

A story about a little boy's bravery to face an armed and powerful giant, with nothing but a slingshot (and God beside him!). May you all have the courage to face any 'giants' in your lives, knowing that God is beside you and wants to protect you too, just like he did the young boy, David, against the giant, Goliath. We also wish happy birthday to Toby (3) and to Ezra (1) too.


13th May 2020 - Jonah and the Whale (Jonah 1-4)

This video is all about God's incredible protection and rather unusual method of rescuing his friend Jonah from the sea. Find our how God does this, and may you know God's protection and love for you all too.

We also wish happy birthday to Arlo (1) and Jessica-Grace (4)


6th May 2020 - Daniel and the Lion's Den (Daniel 6)

Here we hear about our amazing Daddy God, taming some fierce lions to protect one of his friends, Daniel, who is faithful to God. This features my Daniel (rather confusingly!) playing a part of a lion and Emily playing the part of an angel. Look out for another scary looking lion too! We pray protection over you all, and that you are kept safe from harm.

We also wish a happy birthday to Ivy (2) and Orla (1) too.


29th April 2020 - Jesus Calms the storm (Mark 4 v. 35-41)

Here, we look at how Jesus is so amazing, that he is able to control the wind, the rain and the waves, and calms a terrifying storm. We pray that you all know that Jesus will calm any storms and fears in your lives right now too. (I apologise for the noise of the wind a couple times - unlike Jesus, I'm afraid I am unable to control the wind!).

No birthdays this week.



Now, we may not be able to meet in person at the minute, but we are all still part of God's big Family! May this song in particular, by Nick and Becky Drake, called 'Big Family of God' help to remind us all of that:

Here are some other popular worship songs we have been singing and sharing too, that you might enjoy singing at home:

All through History (Nick and Becky Drake):

Be Happy / i'm Gonna Jump up and Down (Doug Horley):

City on a Hill (Nick and Becky Drake):

Creator God (Nick and Becky Drake):

Every Step (Nick and Becky Drake):

God's love is Big (Vineyard UK Kids):

God's love is bigger than a burger (Doug Horley):

God's suit on (Cheeky Pandas):

Jesus Superhero (Vineyard Kids) Jesus Is my superhero (Hillsong Kids):

Joy, joy, joy, down in my heart (Listener Kids):

Lovely Jubbly (Doug Horley):

My Lighthouse (Rend Collective):

Our God is a great Big God (Vineyard Kids)

Peace like a river (Listener Kids):


Sign your Cross (Nick and Becky Drake):

The Blessing Song (Kids UK version) - 

This Little Light of Mine (Listener Kids):

May God's Blessing Be upon you now (Spring Harvest Kids)

Not strictly a worship song - but appropriate right now-

Looking to the rainbow (Becky Drake and Blue Coat School):

Also, as always don't Forget:

'Family at 4' on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4pm at: or

'Bible Buds' Video stories can also be found at: The password has been shared via you email to our families, or contact Hannah if you need it.

God bless you all, and hope you all stay safe. Look forward to being able to meet and see you all in person again!

Hannah, Helen B, Chris, Pam, Maureen, Ann, Brenda, Margaret C, Jo, Margaret P, Sheila, Helen H, Lydia and Mel.

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