Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Aldridge


Guidance for Attending Public Worship

1. Please do not attend a service if you are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid19 or if anyone in your household has symptoms.

2. It is essential that you book your place at this service by emailing or phoning Genette at the Church Office 01922 453942 (please leave a message on the answer phone) stating how many chairs you will need for your party and confirming your contact details are up to date. Please register your booking by Wednesday 9th September.

3. Priority will be given initially to those who have no internet access at home and so have had no access to online worship. We will notify you if we are unable to accommodate you at this service and will give you priority at the next one.

4. Please wear a mask when entering the building and during the service.

5. There will be a one way system in operation. You will enter on one side of the door and exit on the other, signage will inform you where these are and barriers will be in place to guide you.

6. We will start morning services at 10:30am and evening services at 6.30pm.

7. Please arrive in time to be seated but no more than 15 minutes before the service is due to start. If you do arrive early please remain in your car or socially distanced outside until you are invited in.

8. Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance and exits to the building.

9. You will be registered when you arrive.

10. The maximum number of worshippers allowed in the room is 30 and you will be directed to your chairs on arrival.

11. Chairs or groups of chairs depending on the size of your party will be placed 2m from each other in a chequerboard formation. Please do not move the chairs at all as we need to restrict movement as far as possible and maintain the distancing.

12. Please bring your own water as we can not offer the use of the kitchen.

13. You will be able to follow the service as usual from the screens.

14. Please bring your own bible as we are not allowed to use the church bibles.

15. The disabled toilet will be open, please be vigilant with hand washing. Liquid soap and paper towels and a covered pedal bin for waste will be available but the hand dryer will be disabled. Hand sanitiser will also be available in there.

16. At the end of the service we ask that you leave promptly and please do not stand around chatting in the building.

17. The leaders and stewards will guide you throughout the service if anything is unclear or any problem arises.

18. A full risk assessment has been carried out and can be sent to you on request if required.

Before you arrive

The areas and equipment we are using will have been deep cleaned the day before the service.

All the relevant surfaces including the Communion Table and door handles will have been wiped down with disinfectant wipes but please avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.

Chairs will have been wiped down with disinfectant wipes and placed at 2m intervals according to guideline instructions.

The floor area will have been mopped with disinfectant

The building will be as well ventilated as possible so the doors at the back of the room and some windows will be kept open whenever possible. If you are likely to feel the cold please make sure you wear something warm!

NB. As yet we are unable to cater for young children as the baby corner, corner room, lounge and all toys are are out of bounds and will be cordoned off throughout the service.

We believe Church should be a fun and welcoming place for children, but these restrictions make it difficult for children to last the full meeting and less enjoyable for them and their parents. We are unable to offer any children's ministry under these government guidelines and suggest it is better for children not to attend on a Sunday. If parents do feel their children are of an age where they could make it, we ask them to be registered, to stay in their bubbles and to keep to social distancing.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our services.

St Thomas Wardens