Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Mucklestone

Vicar's Message for December & January

The Rector’s Message December & January

If we include Sundays, there are at least 24 shopping days left before Christmas. According to the radio and television everyone is full of Christmas merriment and good cheer. The minds of those who look forward to Christmas are planning the details of the feast. Making the puddings and reserving the turkey. The old reassuring, comforting picture of the baby Jesus, rosily inoffensive, snoozing on a quiet and meek Mary. No danger and I venture to suggest no resemblance to the Gospel of Christ.

We all know what it is like to sit in front of the fire on Christmas day surrounded by the debris of wrapping paper, turkey and empty bottles and to think to ourselves 'well it's over for another year'. Sadly, many people forget the reason for this time of celebration. Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, and in words from a well-known carol we pray that he may be 'born in us today'. Christmas should herald a new beginning and give hope for the future. There are people for whom the message of 'peace' gives courage and meaning to life where once there was only despair. The shepherds who came to the stable went back to the fields 'glorifying and praising God for what they had seen.' Ordinary life resumes, but the baby of the Bethlehem nativity laying in the arms of his young mother makes it different. Jesus was born in squalor to redeem the dirt. We must follow our God-given instinct to reach with yearning love to the Christ child who makes himself small enough for us to grasp.

Your Friend Parish Priest

Father David