Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Burntwood

Coronavirus - limited services

7 Oct 2020, 1 a.m.

As from this Sunday after the 1030 service we are cancelling church services until further notice, when it will be reviewed. However, you can follow us on our Facebook group and keep in contact with the church family and prayers, hymns and readings.

After latest reviews we do offer a 1000am service limited to 30 people, see our Services October information.

Plus other useful information and contacts

We are cancelling until further notice:

Lent course - contact MH for copy of booklet

Singing group practice Monday evenings

Little Angels

Cameo Cafe

Along with other churches in the Burntwood Chase Team, we are following the Public Health England guidelines and the advice of the Church of England. This means we will be changing the way we do things to help prevent the spread of the Covid 19 Coronavirus. You can find out more about these changes below.

We will provide some Prayer and Reflections and hymns on our face book  group page at  in the coming days you will still have some space and time with the God who loves us and knows our needs. See also Church of England website for on line services and prayer and on line services from St. John's  and           St. Anne's.

Arrangements during the Covid 19 Coronavirus Outbreak – 15 March 2020

The Church of England has given advice to churches to help them to protect their communities from the spread of the Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak. How this advice affects each church will vary depending on the situation of the church and the community which it serves, as well as the age and health status of the people who use the church building. Here are some of the ways which churches in the Burntwood Chase Team will be seeking to follow the advice we have been given…

1. All people entering church buildings will be asked to wash their hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds as they arrive

2. Churches will discourage person to person contact in greetings and ‘sharing the peace’

3. Churches will encourage everyone to follow the NHS guidelines about coughs and sneezes…

o Catch it – sneeze into a tissue.

o Bin it – bin the tissue.

o Kill it – wash your hands.

4. For the time being, churches will not be offering food or drink on the premises.

5. At Holy Communion services, bread only will be used (rather than bread and wine). People receiving Communion will be asked to stand rather than kneel at an altar rail.

6. There will not be a collection plate/bag passed around during services. Those who wish to give can do so by placing their donation in to a plate at a central point in the church.

7. Church and community groups (eg Carer and Toddler Groups, Community Café’s) may well have to be paused for the time being.

8. Where possible, churches will use single use service sheets and song/hymn sheets or use digital projection to reduce the risk of passing on the virus through hard surfaces on of book covers

Christ Church and Burntwood Chase Benefice