Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Longton Hall

Latest Covid Ipdate

7 Aug 2021, 10:30 a.m.
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The following are some new Covid guidelines for our Sunday services, especially as you might be thinking of coming to church after a long time away.

<ul><li>We will still recommend the use of face masks.</li><li>We are allowing singing as part of every service.</li><li>When we celebrate communion we will offer wafers, but not the chalice. (We will be asking each communicant to sanitise their hands before receiving the wafer). </li><li>We will be rearranging the seating plan, whilst at the same time allowing individual chairs and pairs of chairs around the outside of church for those wishing to have extra personal space. </li><li>There will be no limit on numbers attending the service from now on. </li><li>No names and contact details will be taken as part of ‘Track and Trace’. </li><li>For those feeling confident enough we will allow extra time in church for conversation and fellowship.</li><li>We are allowing the freedom and the option to do as little or as much as everyone is comfortable with in terms of socialising and taking communion. </li><li>We are recommending that during the Peace we share within bubbles and to carry on waving to everyone else. </li><li>We ask you to respect and to be aware of one another’s feelings on close contact and to feel free to say no.</li><li>Regarding personal space - we are all at different places and close contact is a delicate issue. Please be aware and respect one another’s wishes ie. hand shakes and hugging. </li><li>We will consider having refreshments (tea and coffee) in September/October.</li></ul>

We will review these measures in a months time and would appreciate any feedback by emailing [email protected] or telephoning the church on 01782 598366.

Now that the Vicar is able to visit, please let us know if you would like him to call on you.

The vaccination programme continues in the hall for the foreseeable future.

Please continue to pray for the work that they do and for the whole of the NHS.

Thank you.