Church of England Diocese of Lichfield The Holy Evangelists, Hanley


3 Jul 2020, 3:30 p.m.

A message from Rev Phillip Jones and Rev Philip Swan

Dear friends,

From the weekend of 5 July we are allowed to open churches for worship. Many have welcomed this and will be pleased to be able to join together physically to worship God. Others, though, are still shielding, or for other reasons are not yet able or ready to join in wider activities. For this reason, we are going to continue to offer our online Zoom service at 10.00am on Sundays and to open one church in the Hanley Team Ministry for a shared Team Eucharist service also at 10.00am.

We will continue this arrangement through July and including Sunday 2 August. We will then review how this has worked and talk with people about how they then feel on order to decide what pattern of worship to continue after that. We will see how people feel about whether to continue the Zoom service and whether or not it would be possible to open any other Team churches.

From Sunday 5 July there will be a Hanley Team Eucharist service at 10.00am at Holy Trinity Church, Lower Mayer Street, Northwood. This will be offered in line with government and church guidelines on social distancing, sanitising and controlling flows of people in the church. Communion will be received in one kind only (i.e. bread) and you will be asked to queue two metres apart down the central aisle and return to your pew via the side aisles. There will be no refreshments after the service, but you are welcome to gather outside – socially distanced, of course.

We will be delighted to see people in church again, but there is no obligation on anyone to come if they should not or don’t feel able. Please also make use of the Zoom service, if you can. We hope that new people will take this opportunity to give the Zoom service a go – Philip Swan may try to put a version of it on Facebook for those who cannot access Zoom.

We will continue to distribute both the Zoom service order and the order of service for the Team Eucharist (by extension) by email and through letter boxes for the coming weeks too. If you receive this by email and are coming to church please print off the Team Eucharist and readings and intercessions to bring with you. Similarly, if you receive the service sheets by post or by personal delivery and are coming to church, please bring them with you. Not only will this reduce our printing costs, more importantly, it is an infection control measure as you will not be touching paper handled by others.

With our continuing prayers and best wishes,

Phillip Jones and Philip Swan

the service sheets and prayers are on our website under the heading our churches and other resources