Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Holy Trinity, Heath Town

Hope for the World

11 Dec 2020, 7:15 a.m.
christmas From_the_Vicar

There’s a saying that goes along the lines that we live more in hope than expectation, which suggests that hope is forlorn and without substance.

What are you hoping for? A good Christmas, gathering together with family and friends? An end to the pandemic? Whatever it may be we can live in Christian hope, which is more than wishful thinking. It is living in expectation. 2000 years ago in Bethlehem the child born in a stable gave substance to our hope.

He was named Jesus, which means “God saves” or “God rescues”. In later life he described himself as, “The Light of the World”. The light that shines in the darkness which nothing can extinguish. There is real expectation of deliverance for us in these dark times when we place our hope and trust in Jesus Christ, the God who saves.

In hope and expectation, I wish you a Happy Christmas.

Revd Richard Merrick

This message is being delivered to most homes in our parish on our church Christmas card.