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14 Jul 2020, midnight
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Dear friends,

It feels a very long time since I was sat in at a layby on the A41 talking on the phone to Bishop Clive about accepting the role as your new Rector. The whole world has changed since that day in February but one thing that hasn’t changed is our excitement about coming to join you in Kinver and Enville.

It’s been wonderful to see and hear from a distance all the things that you have been doing to support one another practically and spiritually during lockdown – from the ‘Kobra’ community support network to Caleb’s cooking and Lynn’s alpacas! You have been in our prayers during this time and we are grateful for your prayers for us.

We will soon be moving into the Rectory and are looking forward to unpacking, settling in and making it our family home. Under normal circumstances we’d then be looking for every opportunity to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. However, as we are all too aware, these are not normal circumstances and some of the thing’s we’d normally do will be a bit harder. I thought we could jump start some of that ‘getting to know you’ by giving you a little introduction to who we are and then asking a favour of you.

I (Rich) have been ordained for 6 years, serving (between 2 different posts) 11 churches in North East Shropshire. Before that I spent three years at theological college in Bristol, and before that I worked for 5 years as Music Outreach Minister for a Church in Telford. I love music, particularly folk music and musicals, and play all sorts of instruments. I enjoy riding my bike, drinking coffee, carving wooden spoons, and writing poetry (though probably not all at the same time!). I love nature, and am passionate about helping people encounter God through the natural world. I am also Diocesan Environmental Officer, encouraging sustainability and environmental action at parish and diocesan level.

Lucie and I both grew up in Shrewsbury, we met at school and have been together since we were 15. Lucie loves art and is always happiest when her hands are covered in paint! She is passionate about mental health, and works with the diocese to help deliver the Mental Health First Aid courses. Lucie also likes drinking coffee, but hates computers! She will happily chat to anyone and is looking forward to getting to know lots of new people in Kinver and Enville.

Charlie is 11 and likes magic and board games and is really good at making friends. He is excited about going to High School and is looking forward to science lessons. Toby is 8 and is happiest when he’s out on his bike. He loves being outdoors and his favourite animals are turtles and sloths. Luca is 3 and he likes dogs and spiders. He enjoys digging in mud and making up songs.

Hopefully that tells you a little bit about us, now it’s your turn! We’d love it if you could send us a little bit about yourselves, perhaps with a photo, telling us who you are, what you enjoy, how you’ve found the lockdown, why you go (or don’t go!) to Church, or anything else you think might help us get to know you.

You can send these to “The Clarkson Family, The Rectory, Vicarage Drive, Kinver, DY76HJ” and we’ll enjoy reading them while we’re unpacking. See you all very soon!

Take care, Rich