Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Mary and St. Chad Longton

Fr Kevins Letter to the Parish

27 Apr 2020, 9 a.m.


The Presbytery, 269 Anchor Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 5DN

Saturday 27th June

Dear Members of the Congregation of St Mary & St Chads

Last week the very sad news came that Ken Holloway had died, I’m sure that like me so many of you will be praying for the peace of his soul and for his family at this difficult time. There will be a private family funeral for Ken at St Mary & St Chads on Monday 29th June at 1pm (following the isolation guidelines) We will of course hold a memorial service for him with the family and our Church family as soon as we can safely do this. The Church is open for private prayer on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10.00am to 12.00noon and from Sunday 5th July you can return to Church yourself for Mass, I shall continue to broadcast this on our Facebook page at the same time, for those who choose to stay home for the time-being. I know some of you have been and are finding the time in church for private prayer really helpful, personally it’s been wonderful for me to get to see some of you back in our spiritual home. I know that some of you are still very concerned about how quickly the lockdown is changing but I can assure you we are doing all we can to ensure the guidelines are followed to keep everyone as safe as possible.

As I said in the last letter Tony is home from the UHNM (stoke city hospital) I managed to see him last week and he’s getting stronger and now beginning to take a regular walk outside, Marie is nursing him back to full strength and we pray he continues to improve.

Carla has also had a stay in hospital but I’m pleased to say she is also back home with her family and in conversation with Bev, Martin and her brother Daniel they tell me she is doing really well and enjoying being back home with them. God Bless her as she continues to thrive in the love of her family.

Ivy and Pete, have had yet another disappointment and the July flight has been moved back to later in the month .Lets hope n Pray they are back soon.

Dorothy Biddulph, Sue Pengally, Shelia Burgess and Steve’s daughter Claire are all improving with each day that passes, Sheila had another visit to the hospital but after tests was allowed home. PS Sue Pengally has recently got engaged (on her birthday congratulations to both of you).

So many of us have been suffering not just physically but emotionally with Lockdown and it can be so difficult to cope with especially when your alone. Please take care of yourselves and each other. Remember its OK to feel sad and depressed about the situation were in. None of us every imagined this would happen, but remember also your not alone, pick the phone up call someone, call me, we can’t change it but for a few minute’s we can share it with you. If we all do this it will be better for all of us because its by sharing that we grow and learn to live with the new reality that is all around us.

God Bless you all xxx

Again, I want to Thank Steve, Mick, Tony & Alex who this fortnight have helped me in ensuring that each of you have received the Packs as they have been prepared. In this mailing/pack I’ve included:-

1st This letter ( a small way of trying to stay in touch, during these testing times. )

2nd A copy of the Parish Bulletin ( two weeks to aid you in your prayers for the sick and departed. )

3rd A copy of the Parish Magazine for July August & September.

4th Information ready for Our Meditation on “St Thomas the Apostle” (I will be doing different forms of these

5th Information about “St Benedict Archbishop” for our meditation. online, but these give a little more info.)

6th Wisdom from the Cloister (A little book of reflections from Anglican Religious to help us during these times).

7th Information about the First Martyrs of Rome and Maria Goretti for our Tuesday Mass & Prayers.

8th A Little booklet on “The Sacred Heart of Jesus”(You could bring this to Church to aid your private prayers).

Thank You to all of you who tell me how much you appreciate these packs and the

services that have been uploaded to our Facebook page. It’s been fascinating to see how many of you are watching and sharing these, After this fortnight I’m going to cut down on some of the services, so in the coming weeks I shall try and keep going with

Sunday 10.00am Mass in Church and on Facebook

Monday 10.00am Parish Prayers on Facebook

Tuesday 10.00am - 12.00noon Church open for prayers

Wednesday No Service

Thursday 11.30am Mass & Rosary in Church and on Facebook

Friday No Service

Saturday 10.00am -12.00noon Church open for prayers

If I’m honest doing the services has been harder work than I ever imagined, but I have to say Ive enjoyed it because it’s kept me busy and my mind occupied, so thank-you for watching or listening and sharing. And forgive me if I take a short break from the daily services online.

If ive not spoken to you recently I’m Sorry, pick the phone up and call me share your news with me Good or Bad. And until we can all be together physically; remember we are always together in Prayer and in God’s Love for each of us.