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The final few days of Lent - take a look at the video on the left?

31 Mar 2021, 8 p.m.
Church_news Easter Lent

Lent has traditionally been thought of as a time to give up things that we like.  In fact, it is a time for thinking about our journey through life and 'what's it all about'.  It's also a time for sharing stories with others on that same journey and listening to the different twists and turns they have faced.  That's what Chaucer's Canterbury Tales were about and his characters were just as ordinary and extraordinary as we are, each with their stories to tell.

We hope that you have not given up something that you love for Lent but instead have been able to refresh yourself as we have followed The Greatest Story Ever Told, the story of Jesus who came to us, taught us, and walked with fear but courage straight to his death and to a glorious new life on the other side of death.....and offered it to you and me.

May Easter bring you joy, freedom and peace, in the name of the Lord.  Amen.