Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Luke, Tittensor

St Luke's Church Tittensor - This Christmas and the Future

St Luke's is open to everyone; everybody is welcome.  St Luke's Tittensor is far more than a building; it is a part of a community, a community that continues to change and adapt.  A village church and its people form a vital part of the fabric of that village, helping us to grow and mature together, so that we provide mutual support and a feeling of belonging.  This is a part of a rich Christian heritage that extends to everyone, believers or not.  The tradition of looking after one's neighours comes directly from Jesus's command to his followers to love their neighbours as themselves.  No matter how many or how few attend church in Tittensor, that command has become embedded in the life of the village.

Sustaining the work of St Luke's and caring for the church and its beautiful, peaceful churchyard costs many thousands of pounds a year.  Almost all of that has to be raised locally, most of it through donations.

We hope that you value St Luke's enough to consider making a one-off donation.  This video tells you about us and ends with a link for a donation.  Thank you.