Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Luke, Tittensor

Archdeacon to J5

The bishops of Lichfield Diocese are each contributing an online sermon during January.   St Luke's used the first in our service in church on 3rd January, showing it on the huge AV screen and via the sound system provided by the legacy of Nancy Long.

This fifth talk was given by Revd Matthew Parker, Vicar of Stafford.  Matthew was our local Archdeacon and by now should have taken up his new role of Bishop of Stafford.  Covid stopped the formal process and so he has been made Vicar of Stafford so that he can cover the duties without the title.

Although St Luke's remained closed on Sunday 31st January, we were still able to hear and see Matthews's talk during our Zoom service that day.

For the fifth and last time in January, you again have the opportunity of listening to one of our local priests as he speaks on the issues facing each of us in these terrible times, with all their worries and hopes. They are not promoting any political party; their only interest is in interpreting God's love for people and the rest of God's creation.

The even better news is that other members of the clergy have offered to give similar short online talks over the next few months.  We look forward to using these in our online services and to providing them on these pages.

You can view and listen to Matthew here.