Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Luke, Tittensor

Dr Lindsey Hall to M1

The bishops of Lichfield Diocese have each contributed an online sermon during January. St Luke's used the first in our service in church on 3rd January, showing it on the huge AV screen and via the sound system provided by the legacy of Nancy Long.

In February and March, other ministers have offered their video talks and we shall be using them in online services and, afterwards, making them available on these pages.

On 7th March, we listened to Dr Lindsey Hall, whose current job title is 'Discipleship, Vocations and Evangelism Team Lead and Strategy Enabler'.  Lindsey has been at the centre of helping people discover their vocation in ministry, spending many long hours listening to, teaching and guiding those of us who feel a calling.  She also finds the time to give talks, write books and somehow be around Lichfield whenever we visit!  She is active in helping the church listen to and meet the modern needs and concerns of people.

Once again you can listen to a local priest explain how Jesus matters to each one of us in times of pain and distress, walking with us without judging us as we seek our way through.  Lindsey and her colleagues are not promoting any political party; their only interest is in interpreting God's love for people and the rest of God's creation.

You can view and listen to Lindsey here.