Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Luke, Tittensor

St Luke's Holy Communion Service - Sunday 18th April 2021 - Live Stream Recording

It was Back to Church day at St Luke's Church Tittensor on 18th April, with our first service of worship since the latest covid lockdown began over three months ago.

The church was as full as it could be for safety reasons as we returned for our first Holy Communion of 2021.

It was also a special day in that we were able to trial the streaming of a service to Facebook and YouTube using our new integrated audio-visual and camera system.  This will allow those unable to attend to participate in our services and is aimed at anyone in that position, including those who might be ill, invalided, convalescing, caring for children or others, on holiday or just curious.

As a trial, we knew things might not go perfectly and that we would learn lots of lessons - they didn't and we have!  We aim to improve but will always aspire to honour our Lord and respect the members of our congregation, either in the church or, now, anywhere else.

We thank God for the generosity of the people who have made this possible, with whatever level of contribution they were able to make, either financial or other support.