Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Jude, Wolverhampton

Happiness can elude even the Wealthy Ecclesiastes 6:1-12

13 Jun 2021, 6:15 a.m.
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At the end of chapter 5 the wise Teacher described the ‘Gold Standard’ of happiness but now, at the start of chapter 6, he points to the terrible condition of having every reason for being happy and yet not having it. Listen to the vicar’s sermon this morning to discover why this happens and what can be done.

Morning Worship: Amita Sudra – leads the service, Philip Robertson – our vicar – preaches, Pauline Roberts reads from the bible, Daphne Clarke leads us in our prayers, and Arthur Parkes place an organ recital at the end of the service.

Watch a reccording of the service on YouTube - by going to the Virtual Vicar page on this website