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Sunday Club - bible teaching and activities for young people - Last Sunday of Trinity

25 Oct 2020, 8:15 a.m.
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God's commandments - instructions on how to become a saint!

This week's passages from the bible (three readings and the psalm) are a really good example of how the Lectionary passages can address a single subject - in this case the rules given by God to guide our lives.

It describes the hierarchy of God's instructions on how we should behave -
     the Ten Commandments give the specific do's and don'ts
     Leviticus 19 gives examples of how we carry these instructions out to be good neighbours
     and in this week's Gospel reading Jesus gives two principles that govern all of this - The two Great Commandments

and in Psalm 1 we hear about the rewards of following God's teachings - bear good fruit

SO how to become a saint - ready for All Saints day!

In our Gospel reading, we follow Matthew's account of Jesus' verbal sparring with the Pharisees in the week leading up to the events of the first Easter.

Once again, the Pharisees ask Jesus a trick question - and Jesus trumps them with quotations from the Scriptures (Old Testament) that they should have understood!!

Ideas for presenting these readings to young people are in the attached file (CLICK DOWNLOAD at top right)

 - pick the activities to suit your group

Sorry this is late!  Hope it is of some use - perhaps during half-term!