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All Saints Sunday - activities for young people

1 Nov 2020, noon
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This day each year we celebrate the saints - our Christian heroes from the past - as examples of what a Godly person can achieve. We are to honour and if possible copy them in our life.

But in the letters (Epistles) in the New Testament, Paul and other great leaders of the early church tell us that ALL those who try to follow Christ are indeed saints!

So - what do YOU have to do to be a saint? Follow what Jesus has taught us!

Last week the commandments - our instructions for behaving. This week we will look at the beatitudes - the way Jesus described how we can behave in following these commandments - and the rewards we will get! - Matthew 5, 1 - 12.

And we think about how we too can be saints

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An alternative teaching is freely available from Roots based on 1 Thessalonians 2

- He is the one who has chosen you

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