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Sunday Club - bible teaching and activities for young people - Epiphany 3

21 Jan 2021, 8 a.m.
Wedding_at_Cana_-_activities_for_young_people_Epiphany_3_3ByibUG.pdf Download

Activities for young people to do at home

Since the beginning of Advent, we have followed a trail from the prophecies and promises of the old Testament through the event of Advent and Christmas to Jesus calling his helpers - now he is ready to start His ministry and show who He really is and why he is here.

People living through this period understood gradually who he really is.

This his first miracle shows everyone what he can do.

Our life too is a trail leading to Jesus - we slowly begin to understand as we hear all the story.

Activities for young people to explore these messages are in the attached file - click DOWNLOAD button above right.
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Two glass trick: click here

Young ones story: click here

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