Church of England Diocese of Oxford Compton

Sunday Club - bible teaching and activities for young people - Fifth Sunday of Lent

17 Mar 2021, 8:30 p.m.
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With two weeks to go until Easter, this week we focus on what lies ahead for Jesus, how it is all part of God's plan, how He is obeying God the Father and how in spite of the suffering, we should think of it as good news. AND there is guidance on how WE should behave, especially in welcoming strangers and bringing them to Jesus.
So many messages in just four short readings (including the extract from Psalm 119).

What these readings cover:
• The Old Testament reading - the prophet Jeremiah describes a new agreement by God with His people - Jesus is the fulfilment of that agreement (Jeremiah 31, 33 - 34)
• In the Gospel reading, we hear how Greek visitors meeting Jesus - lead by Philip and Andrew
• Jesus talks about the hard times to come for Him - but He trusts God
• God answers Him in thunder!
• Jesus compares His coming death to a grain of wheat that must die to produce the harvest.

We also hear how we must follow Jesus, obeying God's commandments, to be part of the harvest

Ideas to explore these ideas are present - for you to select what will work for your young people.

Grow some seeds or make a mobile to explore these ideas.

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