Church of England Diocese of Carlisle Broughton and Duddon

Morning Prayer

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Friday 7th August 

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Instructions for following the liturgy

You can just listen to this service and add your own prayers, but you may wish to join in with the responses. Please say together the words in bold, and say all numbered paragraphs responsively. I will say the first half of the verse, up to the red diamond: please respond with the second half.

A chime during the recording indicates a place where you may wish to pause and reflect, or offer your own prayers. You can, of course, pause the recording for this (or any other) purpose, at any time.

Finding the liturgy

The liturgy (order of service) can be found in one of three places:

• Common Worship Daily Prayer (page numbers are provided in the audio)

 The Daily Prayer app (Church House Publishing / Aimer Media) from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Click here for the Church of England website (select Morning Prayer, Contemporary)

On Monday, when there is no recorded service, the app or the website will provide a complete liturgy for the service, including readings.