Church of England Diocese of Chichester All Saints Sidley

Fundraising for Urgent Repair to All Saints, Sidley

31 May 2020, 10 a.m.
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We are currently face with a bill of around £40,000 to do some of the urgent repair work which is required to keep the building secure and safe for future generations to come. A building in which many of you will have had many life events: weddings, baptisms, funerals etc.

We have started some of the work to get the heating sorted. The lack of heating over the winter was caused by the boiler finally giving up, and whilst the replacing may have seemed like an easy project – it was anything but and on top of replacing the boiler we needed to replace pipework, which in turn provided another headache in that there was asbestos in the pipes which meant they had to be removed by specialists, a further huge expenses. Some of the heating repairs have been completed and others have been delayed because of the pandemic.

We have other work to complete such as re-pointing of the windows and damp prevention in the Lady Chapel; repairs to the roof of the Tower which is allowing water ingress – all of which costs money of course, but also poses a risk to the building. It is a reality that if some of the work is not completed within the next 12 months, the church or part of it could become condemned as we seek to deal with the water ingress, especially if we have a very bad winter.

We are therefore asking people to donate to the fund for the repairs to All Saints. By using the link below, the money you donate will go to an account that is specifically for the repairs (or fabric to give it the church name!).

We already have just over £13,000 raised so far this year but need much more.

Please give what you can. All donations would be gratefully received. If you are able to ‘gift aid’ then please do as it makes your donation worth 25% more, which means for every £1 given we get an extra 25p. £10 is another £2.50p. £100 is another £25 and so on and so on.

Please also share this page so as many people can find out about our project and help where they can. If you would prefer not to use this link, but still wish to donate, either by cheque or cash, please private message me and I will explain other ways you can donate.

Many Thanks for reading this.

With Prayers and Best Wishes

Fr Andrew.