Church of England Diocese of Chichester Donnington

Comfort and Joy - Christmas 2020 in Donnington

We are not going to lose Christmas, we are just going to have to rethink it; and in the rethinking we may come to see through the tinsel to something of its true meaning: God loves us so much that he gave Jesus to the world

We will hold fast to the love we have for one another, our families, friends and neighbours, and let’s not forget ourselves. 

This is what we are currently planning here at St George's to spread Comfort and Joy. 


Below is what we know today, but this may change after 2nd December.

Advent Sunday 29th November. Still in Lockdown so the service will only be zoomed. The good news is that Bishop Ruth will be joining us and it would be great for us to give her a (virtual) St George's welcome. If you are not currently registered for Zoom services please email James to join

Known unknowns. In the light of the anticipated Government announcement the PCC will be meeting on 3rd December to review our plans and we will send an update - which may change everything that follows, or maybe not!

But don't hold back - if you want to attend any or all of the following 'seasonal' services please book by emailing us or phoning 782198 to let us know how many wish to attend there is no need for those who have already made requests to repeat - consider yourself registered)>. All of these services will also be streamed via Zoom

Christingle and Cafe Church. 6th December in the hall at 10 a.m.

Tree of Hope. 6th December at the hall at 5 p.m. - see below for details. (No booking required, just caution nd following advice)

Carol Service (6 readings and carols) 20th December at the church at 6 p.m. Numbers have quickly filled up so we may need to run two services which would tentatively be at 4pm and 6pm.

Christmas Eve ('early' Midnight Mass) 24th December at 10pm. Numbers are also filling up fast so we may need to run services at 8pm and 10pm

Christmas Day 25th December at the hall at 10 a.m. 

Tree of Hope

The Star will once again appear over our Hall during Advent. This year we are also planning a Tree of Hope at the Hall which will light up at 5pm on 6th December - but we need your help! The idea is for as many of the Donnington community as possible to hand craft something to deck the Tree - anything from pom-poms to heart shaped baubles to Christmas wreaths. All ages welcome. Decorations can be delivered to the Vicarage or, rules permitting, brought to the service on 6th December. More information including tips on making decorations can be found on our website or by phoning Marilyn (782198) Karen (641028) or Liz (788321.  Here is a link to a page that has lots of ideas to click on Clover PomPom and we will add other ideas that are suggested.

Messages of Hope, Comfort and Joy

There will also be a virtual Tree of Hope on our Facebook page (St George’s Donnington) where you can post thoughts and images about this year, thank you messages to all those front line workers who have helped us and your hopes for 2021.

A friendly phone call

For many in the community a Covid Christmas will be a difficult time; an increased sense of isolation and a feeling ‘when will all this end?!’ A phone call or knock on the door on Christmas or Boxing Day may just be the tonic you need. If you would like that or need some support in another way please get in touch.