Church of England Diocese of Chichester Donnington

Where next after Lockdown?

With Lockdown easing we at St George’s are reflecting on what happens as things return to normal. We have an idea of Saturday morning cafe - George's - at the Hall. Interested in getting involved; please read on.

We start from the premise that ‘normal’ will look and feel very different to a pre-2020 world. It’s not all bad; the pandemic has shown that necessity is the Mother of invention, and we want to draw on what has worked well and not simply slip back into old ways. We are focusing on two areas:-

1. Our forms of worship. We have experimented with new forms of worship via Zoom and this has been welcomed. But what have we learned? Has it enabled us to get nearer to God? What can we apply in a world where physical church-going again opens up? In the next few weeks we will be running a survey on this and hope you will give us your thoughts. Watch this space.

2. On the streets. We have reached out in love to our community. The Donnington+Connected leaflets, the Foodbank-Pop-Up, and communal events such as the Tree of Hope have been welcomed and proved popular. We would like to build on this - would you?

Foodbank continues

Donors keep on coming to our Saturday morning Pop-Up. In the past year we have collected nearly 6 tonnes of food and life’s necessities plus over £1100. The Chichester Foodbank tells us every item is put to good use, and there are no signs that ‘want’ will disappear. So we have agreed to continue to run the Pop-Up through until August and have volunteers to make this possible.

A crucial benefit of the Pop-Up has been the chance for people to meet - a sort of village square in a village with no other focal point. So can we develop this further as a community hub?


We are launching a cafe to run alongside the Foodbank Pop-Up each Saturday morning for 2 hours - 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. It will build on the social interaction enjoyed by those already visiting the Pop-Up, and provide a place for others to come together<span style="font-size: 1rem; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;">.</span>

We have invested funds to get this off the ground (coffee machines, ingredients, cakes, equipment, supplies etc). Takings will be used to cover this investment.

And we have lovely volunteers to help this a really welcoming place. Come and meet us on a Saturday morning.