St George's Community Fund - helping local groups get started

Covid-19 has reminded us what community can feel like. The Donnington Foodbank, George's Cafe,  Clap for Carers, 'Stockbridge Garden Centre' (AKA Jane's house!), Art in the bus shelter and the Donnington Jumble Trail have given people a lift.  You can find out more about these initiatives and other plans on the menu bar.

We have also heard tales of isolation and loneliness and of there being no place where people can get together - "nothing happens in Donnington"

That can change - just look at what has been done during Lockdown and how the lifting of Lockdown can open doors to so much more. We also know that there are people in our community with ideas - lots of ideas -  but they need support and guidance

That is why our church and the Donnington Parish Council have come together to set up a partnership initiate to help get these ideas off the ground. We have each committed £5000 to make this happen. And we have each appointed individuals to act as guides to make these ideas real - Tim Walker and Amanda Jeffries for the church and Mark Hitchin and Paul Morris for the parish council. 

The money could mean free use of the Hall for, say, a 3 month period. We would offer help with investment in extra Hall equipment to help a group get going. The 'guides' can help with making sure the idea fits the conditions, how things like insurance are taken care of and helping with publicity. 

If you have an idea that you would like help with there is a simple form attached (together with the Fund rules). Please complete and return to [email protected] and we will get back to you. And to be clear - we as a Church are not looking for converts; our simple aim is to spread the love and care on which our faith is based.  

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