The Octagon Parish

In mediaeval times, an octagon was considered to be halfway between a circle (God) and a square (earth). It was the place where heaven and earth came into contact. That is why pulpits and fonts are often octagonal in shape.

The Octagon Parish is situated at the western end of Sussex between Chichester and Petersfield and within the South Downs National Park. This rural community consists largely of farmland and is made up of the villages and hamlets of Compton, Forestside, Up Marden, West Marden, North Marden, East Marden, Racton, Stansted, Stoughton and Walderton.

The Octagon contains eight uniquely beautiful churches, many of them several hundred years old, seven of which are still open for public worship. To find out more about the other churches in the parish, click on 'More information'.