Church of England Diocese of Chichester Poynings with Edburton, Newtimber and Pyecombe

Friends of St Andrew's

5 Mar 2021, midnight

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Dear Parishioners and Friends of St Andrew’s Edburton</span>

As I write this we are beginning, we hope, to see the end of the lockdown

situation and I am sure that with me, you are hoping and praying that we really

will soon be able to freely enjoy the company of our family and friends again.

Despite the continuing restrictions, there has been a significant change in the

life of our church in the past few months. On 1 st January the four parishes of

Poynings, Edburton, Newtimber and Pyecombe officially became united into a

single parish, with four parish churches. We will be known as the Mid Downland


After having cooperated together for many years it is a natural step – a bit like

getting married after a long engagement. The benefit is that we will bring

together under one administration things that would otherwise continue to be

repeated four times.

The church is still here for everyone and all four churches remain available to

you for baptisms, weddings and funerals as well as for Sunday and seasonal

services. Currently our services take place at Newtimber Church and most

people are joining in by Zoom but at Easter we will be moving to Edburton from

where we will also zoom. We so hope that before too long we will be able to open

all our churches for services and meet in person again. You are most welcome to

join us via Zoom, or in church if you have no internet connection.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Following the combining of our churches into one Parish we have formed a</span>

‘Friends of St Andrew’s’ – which will care for the day to day running of the

church. Our Chairman is Tim Ireland and our secretary is Jane Warne. 

You don’t need to be religious to join us. We warmly invite you to become

involved in ensuring that our church remains loved and cared for so that we and

future generations can enjoy it.

There are many ways in which you could help such as popping into the church to

make sure all is well, helping with the church flowers, joining the church cleaning

rota and getting involved in the upkeep of the churchyard are just a few. You

would be welcome just because you value and appreciate our beautiful historic


As well as caring for the Church and its grounds we will continue to raise money

for its upkeep selling books, running bric-a-brac sales and hosting the annual

quiz. We also hope to be able to hold our popular Songs of Praise Service,

Hymns and Pimms, and the Harvest Picnic this year.

During Lent our Parish is supporting Family Support Work, a Sussex based

charity caring for vulnerable children and very much hope that you will join in.

They are inviting us to hold a virtual Lent lunch (see their Facebook page).

Arrange a time with your friends or family to log on to Zoom or FaceTime,

prepare a simple lunch and get together for a catch up. Any money you save by

not buying something more extravagant can be donated to FSW to help their

vital work in our local community. Lucy Dalrymple is co-ordinating this for us<span style="font-size: 1rem;">. </span>

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">She is also collecting food bank</span>

items. Apparently tins of custard and rice pudding are popular along with

cleaning items such as bleach and soap. These may be left on Saturdays or

Sundays in the Book Nook porch and we will collect them.

Meanwhile we are so<span style="font-size: 1rem;"> looking forward to our Church being open again from Easter.</span>

With every blessing.

Revd Tim.