Church of England Diocese of Chichester Poynings with Edburton, Newtimber and Pyecombe

News from St Andrew's

23 Aug 2021, midnight


We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting the weekly Zoom services and would like to thank Tim, Patrick and Chris for making them possible. Once again we are so very grateful to our neighbours, the Holts, for allowing us to use their wifi connection.

We opened the church on July 1<sup>st</sup> having made it ‘covid proof’, and have re-introduced our rota for daily checking to comply with our insurance policy. Pauline continues to mastermind our flowers regularly giving us beautiful, and often sweet smelling, arrangements. Each week some of our ‘Mice’ have visited to sweep and polish and there will be a big clean tomorrow (19<sup>th</sup> July) when we can go back to pre covid arrangements.

If all went according to plan yesterday (17<sup>th</sup> July) we held our first ‘Zoom’ wedding, and we have a christening on our first monthly service following our proper reopening (1<sup>st</sup> August).

Our electrical survey was successfully held on 24<sup>th</sup> May and didn’t highlight any major repairs needed. Thank you Chris for sorting this out. We still await the similar survey in the Fulking Chapel.

Financially we have had money trickling in from internet sale of books and bric-a-brac and the Book Nook we have raised (but not banked yet) about £400.00.

Sadly Hymns and Pimms had to be cancelled due to the extension of the covid restrictions. We haven’t re-scheduled it and now look forward to running it next year.

The Mice spent a morning in the churchyard and tidied up several overgrown graves, blitzed the garden shed and started clearing the gully around the base of the church. They also cut the grass by the Hall.

Our new Altar cloths are getting ever closer and we have had delivery of some beautiful fabric and are now waiting for the contrasting fabric for the pelmets before making them up.

We are in the process of sorting out our notices in the porch, many of which are hopelessly out of date. We are going to include details of the Alban grave and window and acknowledge how grateful we are for the Alban bequest. We have taken down our board in Fulking Village to mend and clean.

The recent Parish walk started from Edburton and we provided cakes and fruit to sustain the walkers. A local school recently used the church as a staging post for a D of E exercise. We are always keen to use the church for other activities in the wider community and tomorrow night (19<sup>th</sup> July) it will be hosting a Sound Bath.

The Village Hall discussions continue.

We have some future provisional dates as follows – please note them

August 8th, September 12<sup>th</sup> – Book Nook 11am-4pm - and every second Sunday in the month

July 25<sup>th</sup> – Fulking Fair – we sell bric-a-brac and books

October 3<sup>rd</sup> – we would like, if possible, to hold our Harvest Festival along with some kind of picnic – be it a lunch picnic or coffee and scones and cake or bacon breakfast

October/November – Annual Quiz – date to be confirmed