Church of England Diocese of Chichester Lurgashall

St Laurence's Hardship Fund

26 Mar 2021, 11:30 a.m.

We all know how lucky we are to be living in Lurgashall, especially in times like these. For most of us, and certainly on the surface, our village and the surrounding area is a place of beauty, peace and apparent affluence. However, it is an uncomfortable fact that just below the surface there is an underlying current of real need and deprivation. Just one example of this is in the very large demand being made upon the Petworth Foodbank.

To help combat this, St Laurence’s operates a Hardship Fund which is designed to provide money to relieve some of the deprivation being suffered by many in our community. It is targeted specifically at this local area.

The Fund is being run by a team assisting our priest, the Reverend Kate Bailey. This team is a part of Lurgashall Link, which is a wonderful way of bringing the community together. Kate has sole control over payments from the Fund in support of those in need and will be advised by Lurgashall Link and others of where grants may be needed so that the Fund can do the most good.

For the Fund to be able to do its job it needs financial support, so if you would like to help with a contribution that would be very much appreciated. The Fund is restricted to the relief of hardship and deprivation amongst the residents of the three parishes of Lurgashall, Northchapel and Ebernoe. Through the Church it has charitable status and donations are therefore available for Gift Aid and all tax recovered will be added to the Fund. It has no running expenses and every pound contributed will be used to provide help locally.

If you feel able to contribute, please email or phone the Church Treasurer, Mike Pavia at [email protected] or 01428 707265 and he will send you details plus a Gift Aid form.

If you would like any further information about the Fund, please contact John Clark at [email protected] or 01428 707230.

If you feel that the Fund may be able to help you, please see 'How to Access the Hardship Fund' on the St Laurence's website.