Church of England Diocese of Chichester North Mundham with Merston

Sunday morning worship after lifting of restrictions

24 Jul 2021, 12:15 a.m.

The leadership team of the Benefice met on Monday evening to discuss the churches response to the new government and Church of England guidelines.

From Sunday 25 July:

<ol><li>Hand gel will still be available as people come into church.</li><li>The restriction on numbers is lifted.</li><li>The restriction on social distancing is lifted – if people would prefer to still sit distanced please let the churchwardens know when you enter the church. We will encourage people to keep wearing a mask throughout the service unless they are exempt from wearing one. The Church of England updated guidance says, “Although it will no longer be a legal requirement to wear a face covering, the government has stated that it “expects and recommends” that people wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed settings to protect themselves and others.</li><li>Congregational singing will resume but with masks on.</li><li>There will be no changes to the way we have been distributing Communion.</li><li>There will be hymn books and Bibles to use but please leave them in the pews.</li><li>Refreshments will be served after the service, weekly at St Stephens and monthly at St Leodegar's.</li></ol>

We appreciate that some people will not be able to return to Sunday services. So Rev May will be offering a midweek said communion service starting on Wednesday 4 August at 10am at St Stephen’s Church.

The leadership team will be reviewing these changes regularly in line with government and Church of England guidelines.