Church of England Diocese of Chichester Preston: St John with Brighton St. Augustine and St. Saviour

Christmas Events At St. John's

8 Dec 2020, 12:15 a.m.
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We’ve realised we perhaps need to say a bit more about the changes to our Christmas programme of services this year. The Covid-safety requirement to ensure people remain two metres apart from anyone else not in their household or bubble has significantly reduced our seating capacity to a maximum of 50 people. Each of the two Crib Services attracts well in excess of 300 people and Midnight Mass last year attracted 70, most of whom were visitors. This means that, sadly, the Crib Services and Midnight Mass cannot safely take place in 2020 and so there will be NO services on Christmas Eve. They will, hopefully, be back in the calendar in 2021. Meanwhile, this year we’re concentrating on reaching out to the wider community by resourcing the celebration of a ‘Covid-Safe Christmas at Home’ through the Christmas Story Packs, the Christmas Stars of Hope for Christmas trees, and through plans for simple, fun Nativity Trails round some of the streets in the parish (we’ll let you know the locations when we’ve sorted that out!)

There will be a shortened, simple, service of Holy Communion at 10.30 am on Christmas Day. The Covid-safety regulations continue to ban the communal singing of hymns and carols in church, so the service will be said this year, although Erika will provide piano music as usual. The seating capacity for this service is again a maximum of 50 people. This means it’s essential for EVERYONE who would like to come to book a seat in advance for the Christmas Day service – whether you are a regular Sunday worshipper, a Messy Church regular, a Christmas regular, or a member of the PCC – EVERYONE needs to reserve their seat ahead of the service! Alex says the seats are going quite quickly, so please don’t wait too long. Equally, if you have a seat reserved and your plans change so you can no longer come, please let us know so we can offer it to someone else. Please contact Alex via email at [email protected] or ring her on 07847 352 889 to book your seat, leaving your name and contact details so we can confirm whether or not we’ve been able to reserve a seat for you at the Christmas Day service. (It is one of the oddities of 2020: last year at this time who would have thought we would need to book a seat to come to a church service???)