Church of England Diocese of Chichester Three Bridges, Saint Richard

Holy Week 2020

4 Apr 2020, 6:30 p.m.

This is a strange Holy Week with church buildings closed. No Palm Sunday processions and the usual observances of Holy Week cancelled at St Richard's. These are disturbing and unsettling times, but it is important to remember above all else, that God loves us all and He is with us through this. He loved the world so much, He sent his Son to die for our sins on a cross so that we could be reconciled to him. We are not alone and we will come through this. 

Furthermore, though church buildings are closed, the Church most emphatically is not. We are much more than our buildings. Up and down the country, people are worshipping God in their own homes, separate but coming together, including here in our parish of St Richard's. 

Revd Christine remains an active presence as our vicar. She continues to celebrate the Eucharist privately in the vicarage and offers prayers for the congregation and wider community. Her pastoral work continues. She has also prepared resources so that people can join her in worship and prayer at home. If you would like to receive this please contact us.

As a community we are trying to pause and pray together at 12 noon. Please join us in this wave of prayer.

A Church Near You is directing people to those churches that are live streaming services. You will also find links on our Facebook page to the Chichester Diocese, and their services for Holy Week. Alternatively, please follow this link to the Church of England online services.

We wish you every blessing this Holy Week. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon.