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Easter Gift

17 May 2020, 12:30 a.m.
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Dear Friends,

This is an extra email to set out in more detail our church financial situation and to ask for your prayerful response.

As I mentioned in my weekly update to you last Saturday, All Saints, like all charities, is facing financial challenges due to the necessary restrictions to normal life that we are currently experiencing. The main threats to our regular income are:

1) Reduction in regular planned giving from church members as individuals face financial hardship themselves

2) Loss of cash/cheque donations brought to church for Sunday services, or as donations when visiting

3) The loss of hire charges as both regular and one off bookings for music, concerts etc. are cancelled

4) The limitations and possible cancellation of our annual fund raising events i.e. the summer fete and the Christmas Tree Festival

At the same time our outgoings can not be significantly reduced as our core costs are around staffing, (including paying a contribution to the Diocese for the cost of having a Rector,) and of course the ongoing upkeep of our beautiful church building.

We do have an excellent Finance Team who are good stewards of our resources and who are therefore looking at a revised budget for 2020 based on both worst and best case scenarios. We are saving money where we can and have taken up the government furlough scheme where appropriate.

However, I am wiriting to you now to ask you to prayerfully consider if you can respond in one or more of the following ways:


Are you in a position to make a one off donation to our Easter Gift campaign? In 2019 the offerings we received at special services and events during the Easter season amounted to over £3000, this is a significant loss this year and it would be wonderful if through the next few weeks we could go someway to meeting that amount. The best way to make that donation is through this Just Giving page. It is wonderful to read the comments that are already there and great to see that one church member has encouraged family and friends to donate by doing a sponsored eyebrow shave! (Many thanks to Sean Fitzpatrick.)


If you have not done so already, and your own finances allow, please consider making a regular donation to our church. We encourage people to join the Parish Giving Scheme or alternatively you can set up your own standing order. Contact details to find out how to do this are below.


If you already give regularly to our church you will know that I ask us to review our giving annually usually during the autumn. This year I am asking you to do this now. Please give some thought and real consideration to what All Saints means to you and how you might be able to express that in financial giving. If you use the Parish Giving Scheme you can easily change the amount you give by calling 0333 002 1271 or email [email protected]

Details of the Parish Giving Scheme or how to make a bank transfer or set up a standing order are available from:

[email protected]

You can also call our Chair of Finance Bridget Towle on 01509 212403 if you would like an address to send a cheque to or would like to discuss in confidence any financial matters.

I am acutely aware that for some people none of the above will be possible and I want to reiterate that all are welcome to be part of the All Saints church community. These last few weeks have been a challenging time for all of us in different ways and I am grateful to be part of a praying, caring and creative church community.

Yours in Christ

Reverend Wendy Dalrymple

Rector of All Saints with Holy Trinity

01509 268362