Covid 19

St Paul’s & St Mary’s Churches Sunday Worship

Dear friends,

I am sure that many of us have been following the news very closely in the last week as we wait to hear the Government’s latest lifting of restrictions on July 19th. Yes of course, this is the long awaited news we've all been waiting for as a worshipping community who love praising God through singing. However, we still need to act with wisdom, love and grace and should continue to exercise caution because unfortunately, this pandemic is not over.

In line with the PM's guidelines, while wearing masks will no longer be compulsory, it is perfectly acceptable to continue to do so if it makes you feel safer. Whilst some may be relieved that they no longer have to wear a face covering let us also bear in mind that others will still feel anxious and vulnerable. Although most of the congregation will have had both vaccines it is important to respect the feelings of others should they wish to continue to wear a face covering and remain socially distanced, yet allowing those who are happy to do so, to not wear a face covering and to sit closer together. We will of course continue using the antibacterial hand gel so that we can keep each other safe, as far as we can. The next few weeks are unchartered as we find our way through the summer in light of the increase in Delta Variant infections but together we can all help to keep everyone safe and well.

With my continued prayers for you all,


Revd Lisa  

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