Church of England Diocese of Leicester Christ Church Coalville

Church Services

18 Mar 2020, 9:30 a.m.

In accordance with instructions received from the Church of England all public Sunday and weekday services are suspended until further notice.

Our Sunday Services are available over the Zoom platform. We have a service at 10am on Sunday mornings and 6pm on Sunday evenings. Zoom links are available by email request.

We are operating a 'Prayer Circle' gathering every Monday morning at 11am over the Zoom platform. Zoom links are available by email request. 

Coffee and Chat meets via Zoom each Thursday morning at 11am. Zoom links are available by email request.

House groups are suspended until further notice as is our Thursday Coffee Stop and Sunshine Toddler Group.

We continue to look at different ways of being Church and you are asked to pray regularly. Gill & Geoff will be lighting a candle each evening at 6pm for a time of concerted prayer. You may wish to do that too.