Church of England Diocese of Norwich Ringland

Christmas 2021 at St Edmund's and St Peter's

Christmas 2021 at St Edmund’s, Taverham and St Peter’s Ringland

(note: a printable version of this list of activities is attached to this article)

Sun 19th Dec 9.30am Mustard Tree Church Nativity (at St Ed’s)

10.00am Ringland Nativity Display opens

7.00pm Livestream Carols

Mon 20th Dec 10.00am Ringland Nativity Display

Tues 21st Dec 10.00am Tiny Tunes Christmas (at St Ed’s)

10.00am Ringland Nativity Display

Wed 22nd Dec 10.00am Ringland Nativity Display

6.00pm Eastlands Carols

Thur 23rd Dec 10.30am Eastlands Christmas service

10.00am Ringland Nativity Display

Christmas Eve Christingle service : 3.30pm (at St Ed’s)

Contemplative Christingle service 6.30pm (at St Ed’s)

Ringland Carol Service : 6.30pm (with Taverham Band)

Midnight Communion : 11.30pm (at St Ed’s)

Midnight meditation 12.00pm (livestream)

Christmas Day Ringland Holy Communion : 11.00am

St Ed’s Holy Communion : 10.00am

Boxing Day 8.00am Holy Communion (at St Ed’s)

9.30am Mustard Tree Church (at St Ed’s)

11.15am Service of the Word with Carols (at St Ed’s)

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