FACE COVERINGS: There is now no legal requirement to wear face coverings to church. But you are welcome to do so as a precautionary measure if you would like. In fact, we have some face coverings at the entrance of the church for those who would like to wear one but realise that they have left theirs at home.

REGULAR CLEANING: Although the severely restrictive COVID legislation is no longer in place, we are still exercising caution and taking great care that All Saints' is kept clean and as safe as possible. Also, our church is large enough for families and other clusters of people to spread out a bit more than usual if they wish to do so. The cleaning station just inside the main church door remains in place for the time being so that we can all cleanse our hands with the hand sanitisers on arriving and leaving, using the disposable paper hand towel, if necessary, then putting it in the bin provided.


(a) The 8.30 a.m. Mass is celebrated in the Lady Chapel. 

(b) The 9.30 a.m. Mass (the main Mass of the week) includes choral singing, enthusiastic congregational singing and traditional catholic ceremonial.

(b) There is still no passing the plate for the collection. Instead, a plate is put out at the back of the church so that we can put our envelopes into the plate on the way in. We also have facilities just near the door for parishioners and visitors to support our parish via 'contactless giving' (i.e. using a debit or credit card).

(c) The Peace will be given just verbally between the priest and the people . . . i.e. still no ‘sign of peace’ with handshakes or hugs!


(a) When the priest has received Holy Communion, he will uncover the ciborium containing the people's Hosts, and put on a face covering and single use disposable surgical glove. Meanwhile, the people form a single line down the centre aisle.

(c) The people remain standing ‘in queue’ for Holy Communion, (i.e. not spreading themselves along the altar rail).

(d) Neither the celebrant nor the communicant says anything as Holy Communion is given. Blessings are still given silently and without touching.

(e) The celebrant stands on the step between the altar rails. Each communicant is asked to reach out their hands at ‘full stretch’ - i.e. keeping a good distance from the celebrant.

(f) Holy Communion is given in ‘one kind’, i.e. the Body of Christ only. And, for the time being, Holy Communion is given only on the hand, not on the tongue. (Although, as has now begun to happen throughout the Church, the Chalice will soon be offered to the laity.

(11) AT THE END OF MASSTea/ coffee and biscuits, and fellowship at the end of the 9.30 a.m. Mass has been restored.

(12) A COUPLE OF EXTRA POINTSWe ask that if you or someone in your household has contracted Covid-19 or seems to have symptoms, you stay at home for the usual quarantine period. We understand if you are not able to be with us just yet. But we do look forward to having you with us again. In the meantime, please stay in touch by phone/email or post. We will always be glad to hear from you.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Father David Chislett SSC (Vicar)

Carolyn Melius (Churchwarden)

Linda Roots (Churchwarden)