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Reflections on the Lectionary Readings

Reflection on the Gospel Reading for Trinity 9 on 9th August 2020

Matthew 14:22-33          Jesus Walks on Water

This Gospel reading reminds us of a theme of Matthew’s account of Jesus – which is the reassurance Jesus offers to us all. In this story the words ‘Do not be afraid’ echo those same words elsewhere (such as another time in a boat in Matt 8:26). And Jesus shows us why we need not be afraid, for he is in command of everything, able even to walk on water. But more than this, he enables us to walk on water too, as Peter shows as he steps out of the boat, trusting in who Jesus is and his power. But, like us all, Peter feels overwhelmed by the circumstances around him and begins to sink. I wonder how many of us find ourselves feeling like this as the coronavirus pandemic continues and weighs upon us all – I know I do at times. And yet, if we reach out our hand to Jesus in trust, he lifts us up and enables us to overcome those things that threaten to overcome us. More than this though, he enables us to answer his call to come to him and be able to do immeasurably more than we can ever imagine. So trust in Jesus, step out in faith and do whatever he call you to do, even in the midst of the storms of today – for he will calm them and help you walk in his way.

Reflection on the Gospel Reading for Trinity 8 on 2nd August 2020

Matthew 14:13-21         The Feeding of the 5000

Rather than a reflection on the reading per se, my thinking this week has been around faith in action - there have been so many words in different spheres of life and yet so little action in too many cases, that I believe our challenge is to put our faith into action. So, here is a faith action based on this week’s reading:

Write yourself a note to remind you either to give something away or share something with someone else. It doesn’t need to be a big or expensive gift, just generous.

Reflections_on_Readings_19th_April_by_Ruth_Mwenya, DOCX