Church of England Diocese of Leicester Thurcaston with Cropston

Change to Church services in the light of developing circumstances

8 Jan 2021, 4 p.m.
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Dear friends,

we are sorry to inform you that for the rest of January we will not hold any ‘in person’ services or events across the Benefice at Anstey or Thurcaston Churches.

After careful consideration and in the light of the rising infection rates we believe it would be best for all those we care for and host that we suspend face to face activities for the rest of January. We are aware that Government guidance and our own National and Regional Church Guidance does permit such activities, provided they are COVID secure, but we like many of the churches locally feel it would be too great a risk to put participants in at the present time.

We know that we have successfully managed the risk and many do feel safe and secure when we are open, but the new strain poses greater risks.

We will review this position and if many of those we host are safer with vaccinations and the pandemic has become a little more under control in a few weeks’ time we will look to resume our activities.

We are aware that this will come as great disappointment to many who value being in ‘their church’ to pray. The online services will of course continue and we will point those who can’t use this facility to the national phone line service too. Once more we ask each of you to be extra vigilant in your care for friends and neighbours in the coming weeks.

Please share this information with those you know who do not have internet access.

This comes with all our blessing and prayers

David – Rector

Douglas & Jane, Marian & Wendy – Church Wardens