Church of England Diocese of Norwich Pulham Market

Creative lockdown

31 Jul 2020, midnight

The month of August for many people is associated with rest and going away on holiday. I am writing this article in early July and when I go out I am already seeing many caravans on the road as people come to Norfolk for their holiday.

Sadly though, Covid-19 has prevented many people from even thinking about spending time away, due to illness, self-shielding or financial loss. The holiday season will be disappointing for many this year and it may be that the well deserved rest that people are needing has to be taken at home.

One of the positive elements, though, of this pandemic has been the chance for people to think creatively and make the most of what is available to them. My sister has made me a lovely summer skirt from old curtains! This creativity has been seen with many artists, actors and musicians who have found ways of bringing people together through video conferencing to share their skills and talents. Perhaps then, if you are not able to go on holiday this year, you too may think of different creative things to do which enable you to ‘take time out’ and recharge your batteries. One family I know, for instance, who is not able to go away was telling me how they were planning to camp with some of their friends in their own back garden and were organising camp fire songs and games during the day in order to have fun and relax. Whatever you are able to do during this summer period, I hope too that you are able to enjoy the quietness and peace that the month of August often brings.

Covid-19 will not easily be forgotten, but as we travel into the future, and the easing of the lockdown increases, let us not forget to take on board the positive things that have come from living through this time. I am thinking, for example of the growing sense of community and a wider appreciation of all those who have cared for and looked after the vulnerable, the very sick and those who have had sudden bereavements.

I am pleased to say that the churches within our Benefice are beginning little by little to re-open for individual prayer and worship. The list of services, however, is limited, as in order to ensure people’s safety, we have been advised to open things carefully and gradually. With this in mind, you are most welcome to attend any of the services that are listed within our Benefice. It certainly will be good to see people in person rather than through a computer screen.

May I wish you God’s blessing and I hope that you have some good peaceful times during this summer holiday period. As always, please do get in touch with me or a member of the ministry team if you have any concerns or just need to have a chat, as we are always here to help and listen.

Reverend Sarah Walsh,

Rector of Dickleburgh and the Pulhams.