Church of England Diocese of Oxford Aston Tirrold with Aston Upthorpe


24 Apr 2021, 12:15 a.m.


The Astons have joined up with the Churn Climate Change Action Group and invite you to be part of the first ever SCAREMOW COMPETITION.

For bees and butterflies and many other insects, flowers are their dining plates with pollen and nectar providing them with a fantastic feast. Yet many of us have got into the habit of mowing our lawns too often and during peak flowering time which means fewer flowers and therefore fewer insects. This affects how well our ecosystem works, from how well crops are pollinated to how well other wildlife fares.

We’re encouraging villagers to take part in Plantlife’s NO MOW MAY campaign. To take part (and all the family can get involved) leave a small patch or the whole of your lawn completely uncut for the whole month of May and then record how many flowers you can count at the end of the month between the 23rd-31st May. Register and record your results here:

MAKING YOUR SCAREMOW. It’s tempting to get the mower out when grass gets long so you’ll need something to scare the mower off. You need a ScareMow! Your SCAREMOW can be any size you want and there are helpful instructions here for you to follow if you need some inspiration. We can provide some craft supplies to help you make your own. You can use eco-friendly products or you could recycle old cleaned packaging. Please email Anna at [email protected] to collect any supplies she has.

THE COMPETITON. To take part in the village competition we ask that you bring your SCAREMOWS and a photo of your lawn to the grounds of St Michaels Church in Aston Tirrold before 9am on the 6th June. Your entries should be labelled with your surname and house name. You would be very welcome to join the special World Environment Sunday church service which starts at 9am. After the service, the entries will be judged and three prizes awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you can’t make it to St Michael’s Church please email a photo of your SCAREMOW and lawn, by the 5th June to [email protected] We’d love you to share your photos on our village facebook page. #NoMowMay