Church of England Diocese of Oxford Enborne

Two important messages from Tim

3 Oct 2020, 8:47 p.m.

Two important messages from Tim:

As we open up our Churches for private prayer and worship, we now need to reduce the impact on the Ministry Team, so that we can meet all current requirements. For this reason only, as from this week, we will only be offering Zoom and the subsequent recording uploaded to YouTube, on the first Sunday in each month.

I realise this may be a disappointment to our small but loyal band of zoomers, but I hope you will understand. The Diocese continue to zoom their 10.00 service each Sunday and this can be found at:

While writing, this note has come out from the Diocese regarding Remembrance Sunday, but applies to all our services:

"Services both within places of worship and outdoors are possible. If the service is to take place within a church, please follow our guidelines on public worship. If there is an outdoor element to the service, or the service is taking place wholly outdoors at a public memorial please see the section on outdoor worship in the Government’s Places of Worship guidance. At this time, unfortunately, congregational singing is not possible.

A gentle reminder that safe practice isn't optional. It's crucial that every parish follows the spirit as well as the letter of the regulations and guidance now in place.”

All of the above is not to protect ourselves, but to protect other people who may be more vulnerable than we feel we are.

With my thanks and best wishes