Church of England Diocese of Southwark The Parish of Saint. Paul, Deptford

THE RECTOR'S BUMPER WEEKLY EMAIL - SUNDAYS after TRINITY 15, 16, 17, 18. (12th SEPT to 3rd OCT 2021)

THE RECTOR'S BUMPER WEEKLY EMAIL - SUNDAYS after TRINITY 15, 16, 17, 18. (12th SEPT to 3rd OCT 2021)



COVID-19 SECURE post-19th July

The Incumbent of the Parish is now solely responsible for ensuring a COVID-19 Secure environment. Therefore, and with the unanimous agreement of the Parochial Church Council, we have agreed to continue with the current measures in place for the present time.

> Facemasks, covering mouth & nose, must be worn inside the church, unless exempt.

> Hand Sanitiser, as provided, must be used.

> Social distancing will be observed.

> The NHS Test & Trace QR Code will remain in place for signing in,

and we will continue to tick off the names of those attending.

Please do get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE these updates

1/ We have re-introduced the lighting of votive candles.

2/ We have already reintroduced the sung responses to prayers, & from this Sunday, we're reintroducing the full sung Mass setting, and sung Lord's Prayer.

3/ Intercessions will be said from the Legelium, (lectern) to enable those listening on Zoom to hear the prayer intentions.

4./ In due course we will reintroduce hymns, and processions, etc.

5/ We are actively consultingwith parents and children regarding the reintroduction of the children & family area at the front of the church, including the front pews.

6/ Altar Serving

In order to facilitate the reintroduction of more children serving at Mass, we are looking for at least two adults to volunteer to help with assisting on Sundays with this task. You will need to commit to arriving at 10am, and also to having a full DBS Safeguarding check as required. This is paid for by the Diocese. At least one of the adults must be female.

7/ Parish Safeguarding Officer

We are also recruiting a second Parish Safeguarding Officer to work with Olive, who is our current PSO. Please speak to me, Olive, or either of the Churchwardens if you are interested in taking on this important role.

8/ Due to the lack of ventilation in the crypt, we are sadly unable to return to after Mass refreshments at this time. But we will keep this under constant consideration.