Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford St. James, Clacton-on-Sea

Back to near normal...

21 Jul 2021, 11:15 a.m.
From_the_Vicar Notices

In line with many churches we have changed some of our practices to accommodate the great opening up and the lifting of legal restrictions on some aspects of our public worship. We are committed to making our services as accessible as possible for all people and will continue to have a 'zone' for those wishing to practice social-distancing, as well as our commitment to stream two online services a week. 

At St James's, masks are encouraged (especially on a Sunday at busier services), but are not compulsory. We have a zone at the rear of the church where it is expected people will where masks still and social-distance. 

We have reintroduced congregational singing at our Sunday and Wednesday services, but our others services remain as they were so if you wish to avoid singing, please consider one of those. Our building is large and well ventilated.

Refreshments are served after our services and all are welcome to attend. We make use of tables and our large hall in order to practice the best distancing we can.

We are committed to attending closely to the local situation, and if we feel things are moving into unsafe territory we will revisit our policies so that they reflect this.

Every blessing,

Fr Justin