God's power and authority

God’s power and authority

Expectations! Contrary to what you might believe, you have experienced God’s power in many ways in your own life—whether you believe in God or not. But because God provides for us without sending a text or leaving a voicemail telling us so, we don’t often recognize His provision when it comes.

No one is saved because he figures out God. We are saved because God interrupts our blind wanderings, even our antagonism toward Him, and draws us to Himself.

God works in powerful ways: an answered prayer, provision, giving us what we desperately needed, direction, healing, or hope when we were hopeless. We rejoice at what we received—but we must be careful to remember from whom it came. An observant Christian becomes a grateful Christian, and a grateful Christian becomes an even more observant Christian, for they have learned how intimately God is involved in their lives. When a person finally learns how intimately God is involved in their lives, gratitude is the only appropriate response.

Accept your weakness! That is where God’s power will be most visible in your life. Remember those things for which God promises His power; ask Him to demonstrate His power in your weakness, and then wait for God to show His power. Do it frequently. Make it a habit. Learn to rest in His power. And when you begin to see and experience it—give Him the glory.

This isn’t just a new idea; it is a new way of living. Hopefully you’ll see it’s the life God has always wanted you to live—a life of dependence.

Embracing our weakness. Finally, it makes sense.